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JPEG XL Lossless Recompression
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Future of image compression with utmost respect to our digital heritage.

JPEG files can be transformed into the JPEG XL form without quality loss, while reducing their size by 22%. JPEG XL preserves all the data in a more efficient container, where the integrity of an original photograph is maintained byte-by-byte — without damage to our digital cultural heritage.

On this page you can be one of the first to try out the new compression technology on your photographs. The conversion process runs locally in your browser using WebAssembly technology, no images are uploaded to servers. This demo only works with .jpg files, there is no .png nor .gif support at the moment.

Lossless recompression improves JPEG XL’s compatibility with existing clients such as older generation phones and browsers not yet having dedicated JPEG XL support. The lossless recompressing feature simplifies the ecosystem migration to JPEG XL: servers can store a single JPEG XL file to serve both JPEG and JPEG XL clients, and multiple efficiency and transfer speed improvements will be available in an ecosystem having a rich mixture of old and new clients. The format has several flexibility considerations for interoperability and migration of JPEG to JPEG XL, and incremental steps of quality improvement can be taken while remaining compatible with both the old and new formats.


Drop your .jpg or .jxl file here.